Makoto worrying about Haru

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Hey, hey, Natsu! What are you going to do when we get home?

Let’s see … Well, I wanna go on a bunch of fun quests.

I… just don’t want to be over there right now.

"You laugh, without seeing a thing. Loneliness wraps around, widening infinitely. I can’t move. I was changed. In this lonely trap that someone arranged. Before our future melts away. Remember me. While it’s so vivid. Don’t forget me. Paralyzed by how I’ve changed. Tell me…

Is there someone inside me?”


Tokyo Ghoul + Episode Titles

From the moment we met, my world has kept expanding. This great big world that goes on forever… If you just look up, I know you’ll see it too, Haru. 


" Just yesterday, your right hand Levi, went on the run …



White Hair | His Sacrifice | Kaneki Ken | Tokyo Ghoul


kakerinrin asked: Rin-Rin or Mikorin?

"I’m the eternal love hunter!" ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡